Tralala Blip – Oceans Of Love CS Out Now

‘Oceans Of Love’ is the latest release from Northern NSW group Tralala Blip. This release contains 8 tracks of terrific un-conventional electronic pop music from the group following the highly-esteemed ‘Aussie Dream’ LP which came out in 2014 via Disembraining Machine. ‘Oceans Of Love’ is now available on cassette via Tenth Court.


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New DeadShred and Sydney2000 Tapes

DeadShred – Nice Epidemic

‘Nice Epidemic’ is the 2nd cassette EP from Brisbane’s DeadShred which features members of Feathers, Per Purpose, Thigh Master and Slug Guts. Available now. Ltd. Edition of 50.


Sydney2000 – _

The debut release from Sydney2000 features 6 tracks of oddball power-rock straight out of Brisbane city. Available Now on cassette. Ltd. Edition of 50.


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Naked – Pink Quartz LP Out Now

Noisy Hobart experimental punk three-piece Naked have released their debut LP Pink Quartz, out now through Tenth Court.  Engineered by Simon Maisch (All The Weathers, Treehouse) and mastered by Marly Luske (Kitchen’s Floor, Sky Needle), the record jumps from quick catchy punk numbers through ambient soundscapes and harsh noise freak-outs all the way to doom metal and back again. The album was recorded in Coles Bay, just outside Freycinet National Park on Tasmania’s east coast.


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Debut album from Sydney three piece Mope City! Members of Day Ravies, King Tears Mortuary etc. 

Mope City’s Petri Dish exists in the overlap between the mundane and the mythic; that odd place where the ordinary bloats and transforms into something wholly unreal. Harmonies jostle for space; vocals get wrapped in reverb; pop choruses drown in fast-acting distortion.
Lens-Blur and Incessant & Dull see the band at its most paradoxical, as the choruses mash up hope and hope’s very opposite, creating an odd sense of cathartic defeat. In fact, contrast is the word of the day, withToxic Cells Bind and album closer Disasterpiece both combining a fragile kind of beauty with vague unease to stunning effect. It’s instantly relatable from beginning to end, but never in a way that seems like mere reportage. Though the melancholy, distorted strains ofLetterbomb or the tainted piano strikes that open Wave Of Youth (W.O.Y) will resonate with any who feel stripped of direction (i.e. most of us), this isn’t an album that simply aims to translate regular life into music.
There’s a vaguely epic quality to the tunes, and as the jangly choruses and shoegaze-indebted riffs begin to pile up like the bracken in a bonfire, one comes to feel as though they are bearing witness to the construction of something genuinely special. Petri Dish is an anxious pleasure; a striking, fully realised work that has a real and yet surreal power totally of its own.

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